Monday madness (well it started Sunday really)

Here we are again, the evilest day of the week. Monday. It’s our week with all the kids at once (which is wonderful) but as you will know by now reading this blog, it’s another week of hyper organisation, running around and getting shit done. The weekend went really well. My fiancé and I smashed through a relative spring clean, got some good work out of the way. We also managed to replace some aged and broken furniture with some awesome ikea purchases (don’t judge us, we love ikea!) and got through the assemblies in record time, without excessive swearing or damage – personal OR property!. I even made draws align perfectly (you can bow down to me now – shikaka). The in laws are on an overseas holiday right now, and we even managed to get around to their place and take care of a few things, get all of the shopping for the ravenous hordes done, and I even got some uni work done. 

Oh, yes, I started studying a university unit online a week ago. It’s just one unit, and I don’t know if I’ll go on to do anymore, but I’m hoping this will give me the drive I need to take my writing more seriously. I’m studying “Creative and Professional Writing”. In typical fashion it’s not something that will directly help me with my career, but those who know me understand my work is hardly a career but more something I have to do to maintain a living for the kids. Maybe this course will help me get it together enough to make a career change one day. You never know unless you try.


We even managed to get out Saturday night and see Wonder Woman. Yes, I can find a couple of faults with the movie but I can still say “It’s freakin awesome”. Really well done, and major credit to Gal Galdot for her acting. I’m really hoping this invigorates fans or even general superhero interest people to see Justice League when it comes out. I love Marvel, but I’m really hoping Justice League wipes the floor with Avengers hehe.


Anyway, after all of this, 7:30pm hits on Sunday and we hear yelling and carry on outside. It was our youngest boy having a fit at this mother because she was dropping them off to us, and he forgot his school bag. I go outside because she starts yelling my neighbourhood down, and try to help, but he is in melt down and doesn’t get it that I will go and pick up his school bag from his mums place – no big deal. In the end I simply had to shut him up, and order him inside. At this point, the older two tell me about what a crap head he’s been all week, and my lovely little crazy happy boy is transformed into the Hulk. Then to top it all off, we find out he hasn’t been doing his homework. Both sets of parents not checking up enough, totally accept blame here, but it did ‘seem’ like he had been doing it, we didn’t have reason to doubt. So for the next hour, we had to calm everything down, unravel the mess of melt down and slacking off, set some punishments, and organise his homework including making him catch up on his missed homework from previous weeks to teach him a lesson. This is *not* how you want to start a fresh week with the kids!


This is always the way, I tell ya. My fiancé often wants me to back off the housework a bit, spend more time relaxing, but no matter what it is in life, it just back logs and becomes a problem which then requires MORE pain and effort to fix. That’s why I can’t stop, I don’t want to deal with the fall out. I would rather have less of a weekend but not spend my weeks annoyed or snowed under with the house while I’m having to spend my days at work too. In the last few weeks, I’ve obviously slacked off on the kids by not keeping a closer eye on their work, which has landed in a big ole stinky heap with this debacle, and now we have to put in more effort to straighten him up and keep him on a positive path. As much as I want to listen to my fiancé and back off a bit, it’s obvious that when I do, it just makes it harder for future me.


So, busy week ahead – kids, study, lots of cooking for ravenous hordes, work, and then a long weekend. Really looking forward to next Monday. My fiancé was pointing out to me again what we all know – it’s not really a weekend. We didn’t relax, we didn’t spend the weekend doing things like going out places, for drives, for fun etc. It was 95% work. That’s life with 4 kids and 2 divorced households and dealing with all the crap above. I think with the long weekend we should be able to snag that Monday for ourselves. The kids will be back with their other parents, and technically, there shouldn’t be anything we *have* to do. Especially if we can get most of it done before the kids go on Sunday night. Hopefully we can actually have a day where things won’t go to shit if I let go of the reigns.



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