No moss on this stone

There are two ways I look at the big picture in life. One is: stability equals success. The other is: if you see a way to improve things, take it. Given those two positions are polar opposites, I feel like a hypocrite when I choose one over the other! Most people I know who have had a life filled with stability are doing quite well for themselves. These are the people who have changed jobs relatively few times, rarely have moved house, and generally live the ‘typical’ life where they are able to build up assets, have holidays, have a family and generally live a well off life. On the contrast, I’ve spent my life bouncing around between jobs and houses, had kids before I was financially stable and generally did everything ass backwards! I’m not quite a “grass is always greener” person. More so, I just seem to spot avenues where I believe I can improve our situation, spend time weighing it up, and take action. Sometimes it works, other times it has no effect or an effect I didn’t foresee. This makes me think more about not changing things, keeping things stable even if it could be better. That makes the decision making even harder because technically, there isn’t much of a basis to not take a path before me, beyond fear of messing up or making life more difficult.

What is the latest change? Well since you waited patiently – we’re moving house again. It’s only been a year, but in that year, we’ve found a few things which really bother us about the current place (such as the entire upstairs floor needing the floor boards ripped a new one because you can’t even check on the kids sleeping without making creaks like a tree falling in the forest). We also have had new duplexes built across the road (very narrow road) which now has us having difficulty even reversing out of our driveway as there are so many cars blocking the vicinity. Small things, but when you add them all up, and see what else is around, you know there is somewhere better suited to our needs. We’ve definitely found that in this new place. It ticks so many boxes we need ticked, solves some problems in terms of getting the kids more space, more ‘noise separation’ in the house, and a much quieter street (no through road) so the little ones can spend more time safely playing and riding in the street.

End result, money being spent which we don’t really want to spend, and weeks of upcoming effort packing, cleaning, moving etc. I can’t say I hate it. Maybe I’m sadistic but I enjoy moving. Cleaning out stuff we’ve hoarded, finding things you forgot you had that you actually want, finding better ways to lay out the house etc. Call me Mr. Excitement, but this is good stuff to me.

Maybe we’re wrong and putting more stress and financial pressure may hurt, but I’m more leaning to the school of thought “Happy home means a happy family”, and when we inspected this place, there was happiness all around from us and the kids, sparkles in my fiancé’s eye, and it had that awesome feeling of ‘home’. So while you can expect some bitching coming up, I’m overall looking forward to this new chapter and feeling hopeful we made the right decision.

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