You spin me right round

What is it with all the negative fuss over fidget spinners? In fact, what is it with all the negative fuss over anything kids get into en-masse nowadays? Every time a fad or trend comes, areas of society start posting horror stories, or articles about why the thing of the moment is bad or hazardous. Why can’t we just let the kids enjoy these fads, and ride it out quietly? Loom bands came and went, slime is still around but not as crazy as it was, and now the kids are all spinning. Let them enjoy it! It’s not like they are asbestos filled, jagged glass edged, devices of death. Yes, some kids are being smart and preying on other dumb kids, passing off cheap spinners as expensive ones and ripping them off. Yes, some Darwin award winning kids are choking on the inner workings of the spinners. It doesn’t mean the toy is evil! 

It’s not like parents were panicking when parachute pants were all the rage. You didn’t hear parents getting on the news, or sending school newsletters requesting the pants be banned because a child might catch the saggy crotch on their bikes and have an accident (which many did!). When yo-yo’s were all the rage, they didn’t get banned because kids smashed windows trying to do “around the world” or clocked some other poor kid in the face trying to be tricky. Shit happens, ESPECIALLY to kids. It’s part of life’s experiences, and our failures are every bit as important as our successes. This bubble wrapping must end. Get a grip parents. You are ALIVE, and you survived to become parents yourselves. Now you are trying to take away all the choices, and lessons, that you had. What for? So the first time the kids have to stand on their own in life, they fail because they have no clue, and no resiliency? Back of, bitches (and bastards, if you wanna claim sexist).


My kids have already grown bored of them, and they lived to tell the tale. I am actually the one still spinning. When I kept reading all the articles about the spinners, there were of course articles from both sides of the fence. The positive articles talked about helping kids concentrate, focus etc. To be honest I thought its all bollocks. The kids focus is on the spinner. Kids are very single minded. Me, I can sit at work, reading a document or email, whilst spinning away. I can split that focus successfully. Kids don’t do that.


Why am I using a fidget spinner you ask? Reading all this stuff about them I thought to myself, it simply seems like something to keep fidgety people occupied. I have been a nail biter my whole life. Since giving a fidget spinner a go, my nails are finally growing. Whenever I find myself doing tasks where I am concentrating but have a hand free, like watching TV, reading on a computer, sitting in meetings at work etc., I spin instead of chomping on my nails. I actually catch myself going to bite my nails if I forget my spinner. I don’t doubt, at some point, that reflex reaction to bite will go, and I can stop spinning. So there you have it, a real life application for fidget spinners that doesn’t involve some wanky psychologist trying to convince you it will help children with autism, or turn stupid kids into good students, or water into wine.


Regardless of me actually finding purpose in one, I still maintain my position – let kids be kids, enjoy the fad and grow out of it. Back the hell off them!